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Haighs Law Firm are lawyers and solicitors based in Team Valley, Gateshead that offers bespoke, specialist legal services to both institutional and business clients in Gateshead, Newcastle and over the North East.

Haighs Law Firm: Where the Haighs difference can make all the difference

Whether it’s for your business, family, work, or you just require assistance, solicitors in Gateshead can play a vital role in the legal aspect of your life. Probably the most common question by many is why do we need legal assistance? We need lawyers because they advocate for the voiceless, navigate for the wronged, and advise those who need legal advice.

The law is what makes society run smoothly.

Let our specialists at Haighs Law be at your side to help guide and advise.


Benjamin Edward Haigh and Helen Cleary lead Haighs Law Firm.

Benjamin Haigh has extensive experience and is considered a specialist lawyer representing Police Officers amongst other professionals.

At Haighs Law Firm, we are solicitors in Gateshead that offer bespoke legal services to both business and institutional clients in Gateshead, Newcastle and across the north of England.

We specialise in various legal services such as Motoring Law, Family Law, Police Law, Business Services, Training Services, Probate Estate Administration, Assistance for Professionals, Employment Law, and Settlement Agreements. Haighs Law Firm is committed to providing top-quality legal services and is a hundred percent committed to helping you with your needs. To give you more information, here’s what you need to know about the services we offer.


Based on Team Valley, Gateshead, we have an impressive and diverse client base at both local and national level.


All of our specialist lawyers and solicitors in Gateshead also serving Newcastle are knowledgeable, meticulous and approachable.


Clients can be assured that their matters will be dealt with professionally, sympathetically and skilfully.


Motoring Law

At Haighs Law Firm, we offer practical and sensible legal advice. Facing a motoring law issue isn’t a small problem. Some require early legal advice, and with that, we will be able to help you. A driver’s license is a valuable commodity, and depending on the result, your job may also be affected if you’re not able to drive for some time.

Our Solicitors in Gateshead are experienced drink driving solicitors and motoring lawyers that could offer you assistance and guidance. Not only that, as we also provide expert advocacy at court where we can make a difference.

Magistrates’ Court advocacy Includes:

  • Exceptional Hardship Applications
  • Careless or Dangerous Driving
  • Excess Alcohol
  • Speeding Matters

Police Law

We at Haighs Law Firm understand the challenges and obstacles the police officers go through while protecting everyone. Our expert and specialist Police Law solicitors in Gateshead will assist as they have extensive knowledge of the relevant regulations that relate to police officers.

Additionally, we have an unwavering commitment to representing police officers. We are proud to represent members of the Police Federation of England and Wales and members of the Scottish Police Federation. We take pride in providing high-quality service in the form of assistance, providing specialist legal advice and representation in cases throughout Newcastle, Gateshead, and the north of England.

Want to know more about our services?

We can assist Police Officers with the following:

  • Criminal Investigations and Proceedings
  • Gross Misconduct Investigations and Proceedings
  • Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) Investigations
  • Judicial Review
  • Employment Law
  • Coronial Inquests

Family Law

Haighs Law Firm has a sympathetic manner, but we also have a robust approach. Especially if you need help regarding family law, we can help you legally with your family issues that involve the potential impact on your finances, pension, home, and children. We also know how to handle issues discreetly, and we respect that as we realise the sensitivity of this nature.

We are always ready to provide an excellent solution that may reduce costs for everyone involved in the case.

Also, Haighs Law Firm prioritizes in-depth negotiations that may lead to reconciliation, good-natured solutions, and anything that may help our clients. Issues such as divorce, financial arrangements, home, and pension are our expertise. As we also extend our service to police officers, we also understand how complicated police pensions can be and will be able to give clear advice on that.

Business Services

In other aspects like business services, Haighs Law Firm also provides well-experienced lawyers in business law. We understand that you need precise and clear, explicit advice.

Additionally, Haighs Law Firm provides clients with insight and legal advice related to Company Formation, Intellectual Property Law, General Data Protection Regulations, Company Law, Environmental Law, Regulatory Law, and Industry Compliance.

Training Services

It’s not just about legal services at Haighs Law Firm. We also provide essential training intended for HR managers, business managers, and other members of business institutions.

Here are the following areas where we can provide a suite of bespoke training packages:

  • Training Services for Business
    Practical Human Resources Management
    Employment Law Updates
    Information Security (including Data Protection/ GDPR compliance)
  • Criminal Law Updates
  • Police Law Updates
  • Training Services for Professionals and Individuals
  • Regulatory Law Updates

Probate Estate Administration

As we all know, dealing with the death of our loved one is undoubtedly stressful and traumatic. In addition to this, relatives and other legal family members may have to accept the responsibility of taking care of their loved one’s estate. Through our well-experienced solicitors in Gateshead, we will provide support and advice with utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

Assistance for Professionals

As a professional, Haighs Law Firm can also assist various professionals. This includes supporting you in any criminal proceedings or investigation. Additionally, we can also provide solicitors at disciplinary proceedings. We may have the expertise, but we also offer a caring and sympathetic approach to your problem.

We know that being investigated provides a stressful experience, and Haighs Law Firm can help you proceed with the process.

We have experience representing:

  • Doctors
  • Solicitors
  • Nurses
  • Police Community Support Officers/ Detention Officers
  • Surgeons

Settlement Agreement

Are you having issues with settlement or compromise agreement? Discussions such as severance packages, exit packages, and enhanced redundancy payments may occur when you are placed at risk of redundancy.

This type of problem is often labelled without prejudice or off the record. So it’s critical to have an independent and knowledgeable specialist who would help you with this kind of issue. This is also to ensure that every process isn’t merely rubber-stamped.

It’s always essential to be ready before problems occur. No matter what field you’re in, having an effective specialist solicitor in Gateshead is critical. If that’s your case, we at Haighs Law Firm are ready to provide you assistance and advice to help you with your problem.

For more information, you can contact us at 0191 731 6389 or simply send us an email at


It doesn’t matter if you have issues with Police Law, Motoring Law, Family Law, your business, or you’re only just seeking training assistance as we will continue to provide high quality in all our services. Haighs Law Firm already has numerous clients who are most delighted with our work. To give you better insight, here are some of their testimonials.

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