Haighs Law Firm is proud to represent members of the Police Federation and are able to offer a wide range of legal services.

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Police officers often have to make quick and difficult decisions, but these decisions and actions can have significant implications. At Haighs Law Firm, we realise the difficulties and challenges the police officers go through while protecting us all. Our police law solicitors have extensive knowledge of the law relating to Police officers. 

Our commitment, at Haighs Law Firm, to representing Police officers is unwavering. We are proud to represent members of the Police Federation of England and Wales and members of the Scottish Police Federation.  

We pride ourselves on providing high calibre assistance in the form of specialist legal advice and assistance and legal representation in cases in Gateshead, Newcastle and over the North East that ultimately require representation before Magistrates’  Courts, Crown Courts and H.M. Coronial Inquests. 

Want to know more about what we do? Haighs Law Firm is proud to represent members of the Police Federation and offers a wide range of legal services. They include:

IOPC Investigations. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is an independent national body and we have extensive experience in dealing with the IOPC and representing officers that are being investigated by them. 

Police Conduct Regulations. This is a key area of Police Law and we have assisted 100’s of officers with conduct investigations that can lead to Gross Misconduct Hearings. We endeavour to assist officers so that Gross Misconduct Hearings can be avoided. 

Early advice can be critical and Haighs Law Firm can assist with these matters under these Regulations all the way through the procedures up to and including the Police Appeals Tribunal, if necessary. 

Judicial Review. It is possible that as a consequence of a Gross Misconduct Hearing or a Police Appeals Tribunal that a Judicial Review application is filed and an officer may be involved. We have experience of assisting officers with these processes. 

Inquests. In the event of a Police contact death, such as a Death in Custody or a Fatal Road Traffic incident, we provide the necessary advice and representation for individual officers before H.M. Coronial Inquests. 

Employment. At Haighs Law Firm, we have specialist lawyers that can assist Police Officers when they need employment law advice. We run a number of legal clinics across a number of Police Federation Branch Board offices so that early advice can be sought, which is critical. 

We fully appreciate that as a Police Officer, commencing an employment claim against your own Police Force is a big step. We have experience to guide you through the process and will be with you every step of the way. 

Criminal Solicitors in Gateshead

Are you a police officer? Our experienced team of Police Law lawyers can assist you through any difficult point in your career when you find yourself needing legal help. 

We can help you if you require assistance with any of the following: 

  • H.M. Coronial Inquests
  • Criminal investigations and proceedings
  • Police Conduct & Performance investigations and proceedings
  • Major Incident/ Post Incident Procedures

Why Choose Us?

We have worked closely with, and represented many, Police Officers in Gateshead, Newcastle and over the North East and have amassed significant amounts of detailed knowledge regarding the challenges officers face in their line of duty. 

In our opinion, we are the right people to give you reliable advice and legal support whenever you need us. Wondering what separates us from the rest? Here’s why you should choose us, please visit our testimonials page to give you an idea of the way in which our clients and stakeholders are thoroughly satisfied with what we do. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Put simply, we do not discriminate. Our Law Firm is inclusive and designed to be as diverse as our society is. We care nothing about orientation, race or religion. Our end goal, to demonstrate impeccable skill and ability to yield consistent positive results.

  • Flexible Approach

The way we handle one case is quite different from the way we will handle a different client’s case. Our approaches are diverse and value-driven. Our formula supports a case by case approach that is geared towards positive results and a seamless client experience. We give relentless, close attention, and commitment to our valued clients. We desire to meet and surpass your expectations. By regularly communicating and careful planning with our clients, we are sure to meet your needs and goals.

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Our Criminal Solicitors in Gateshead serving areas in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East are experts on a wide range of police law issues. We are well capable of achieving the desired results. We will support you throughout the process while using the necessary tools and knowledge to try and achieve the very best outcome possible. 

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