Settlement Agreements

Have you been approached by your employer to enter into a settlement or compromise agreement?

Settlement Agreements Solicitors Gateshead

Have you been approached by your employer to enter into a settlement or compromise agreement?

Discussions about “exit packages”, “severance packages” and “enhanced redundancy payments” may often take place when an employee has been placed at risk of redundancy, for example.

These discussions are often labelled as being “off the record” or “without prejudice”, and the end result of those discussions might involve you leaving the organisation after signing a settlement agreement in exchange for an enhanced payment upon termination of your employment.

It is essential that you obtain independent, detailed and specialist advice from an employment professional on the contents of that settlement agreement in order to ensure that the process is not simply rubber-stamped.

Many employees for the sake of convenience are tempted to visit their nearest solicitor as quickly as possible to “have the document signed”, especially if their employers have given them a deadline by which to sign the document. We would urge those people to resist following this course of action.

We have represented numerous employees who have been asked to enter into settlement agreements and have an excellent track record of negotiating variations in terms – including higher settlement sums than those originally proposed on behalf of our clients.

We will strive to ensure that your interests are safeguarded through a process which is often mistaken by many to be straightforward.

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