Law Training for Employees

The experts at Haighs Law Firm are experienced trainers and can put you and your organisation at ease.


Organisation & Corporate Training Services

At Haighs Law Firm, we can provide essential training designed for business managers, HR managers, and other senior members of business institutions alongside our expertise in the representation of Police Officers and our extensive knowledge of Police Regulations. 

Our programs are engaging and designed to provide valuable insight. 

Haighs Law Firm are able to provide a suite of bespoke training packages for organisations looking for practical reassurance in the following areas: 

  • Training Services for Businesses
    • Employment Law updates
    • Information Security (including Data Protection/ GDPR compliance)
    • Practical Human Resources Management
  • Training Services for Professionals & Individuals
  • Criminal Law updates
  • Regulatory Law updates
  • Police Law updates: 
    • PIP
    • Conduct/ Performance

Please contact our offices and see how the Haighs difference can make a difference to you or your business.

Opt for In-house Training

At Haighs Law Firm, we can offer training within your business setting, we have found that in-house training is best. This way you are better able to train people while using practical tools and examples from their own organisation. 

We help you point out legal risks and better understand and learn effective ways/strategies of managing employees. 

Coaching and Training from Law Firms

Is your business growing rapidly? If yes, you may find that you are employing more people to accommodate the developing roles that come with forging a larger entity. If you are like most developing businesses, you likely have some spots where your employees need help. This is where professional coaching and training comes in. For your business to grow to become what you always dreamed it would become, you should partner with a law firm like ours for up to par and updated training services. It matters not your sector, we have previously coached and trained employees from diverse sectors. 

How to Benefit the Most from the Training Sessions

Procuring training for your staff is a valuable investment, not only for your business but also for the workers. Our training services are no doubt a valuable investment that guarantees continuous returns. So how can you position yourself to benefit the most from your training sessions with us? 

  • Come prepared

Preparation means showing up with a pen and paper to take notes. It also means preparing a set of questions you may need clarification on.

  • Get involved

Pay attention to what the trainer is saying. Each class brings forth a different topic. So be ready to contribute in discussions and learn.

  • Apply

The whole point of undergoing training is to get the tools necessary to contribute to an effective and healthy work environment. But all these efforts will be for nothing if you do not apply them in the actual workplace setting.

Get in Touch

When it comes to supportive training services, we keep our word. Besides training, our Law Firm provides clients with businesses across the UK and beyond with valuable legal advice and insight. Are you in need of training services for your staff members? 

With us, you are in good hands. 

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